What is a young carer?

What is a young carer? 

A young carer is a young person under the age of eighteen who has adult caring responsibilities.  

They may help care for a sibling, a parent or a grandparent who has a medium to long term illness, disability or alcohol or substance problem.  In some cases they can be caring for more than one person.  

issues affecting young carers

Due to the pressure and demands of caring, Young Carers have:

  • An increased probability of missing out on social time with peers affecting personal development.
  • An increased probabilty of missing out on education and training.
  • A greater danger of developing mental or physical health issues.
  • A higher likelihood of offending and becoming involved with the criminal justice system. 

Some Young Carers look on their caring role as being their duty and do not even acknowledge that they can, and should, ask for help.

Young Carers Film  

Please watch our promotional video our older young carers made. It explains really well what young carers is all about.